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Controversy of Profit vs. Nonprofit Addiction Facilities

As the addiction crisis continues, new facilities for drug and alcohol treatment are popping up everywhere.  People with addiction or mental health disorders need support and treatment to get lives back on track.  Looking for a center to care for personal needs is difficult and tedious.  Many addicts will turn away from getting help if the price of therapy is too high.  Insurance companies are making support more difficult.  Non-profit facilities are struggling to provide for those on Medicaid.  The epidemic will continue until everyone who needs help can receive treatment without difficulties of financial issues and lower grade facilities.  


Large corporations are seizing an opportunity from the opioid addiction crisis.  Non-profit organizations are being bought out in groups and turned over to gain profit.  The investors and companies can make more money from the people seeking help, whether through personal finances or insurance coverage.  Stamping a name brand on a treatment facility brings more attention and more profit.  Investors will continue to buy out centers and take advantage of the business perspective.

New Facilities

With the epidemic becoming such a heat wave, new facilities are in dire need.  The supply and demand of treatment are off balanced.  Individuals seeking help are running into issues of beginning treatment due to centers being full.  Being put on a waiting list is an easy way for an addict to give up on recovery before even beginning.  Whether a new facility is for- or non-profit can sway addicts to get help or not.

Government Input

While laws are changing in favor of helping people with addiction, the insurance companies are still making the situation difficult.  Limited admissions and length of inpatient stays are affecting individual’s success at recovery.  Government funding can only go so far.  Spreading the support too thin will weaken the effects.  Putting all of the funding in one place will limit the number of people getting help.  Hopefully, the near future will show a change in government opinion and support addiction as a disease.  Treatment is necessary for addicts to return to society as an upstanding citizen.

Resources are limited to addicts in need.  The slow incline of support for mental health will not be able to keep up with the crisis America is facing.  Whether a facility is for- or non-profit won’t be an issue as long as supply and demand aren’t level.  The right or wrong answers cannot be found, without a better understanding of what society is facing.  

Finding the right facility which matches your needs can be difficult.  Resilient House does a screening with the processing of admission.  This will provide you with the most suitable treatment to best meet your needs.  Call 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to find out more and begin the journey to a new and better you!