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Concerns for Teens in the Technology and Mental Health Age

Stress and peer pressure overwhelm young adults and make times difficult.  Facing pressures from high school and college, while the mind and body are still developing, creates a community vulnerable to mental health issues and addiction.  The growing age of technology and handheld devices will face scrutiny over the problems. Overuse of the phones and tablets distracts youth from the world around them.  Addiction to technology also affects mental health. Stress from family and the educational environment could contribute to the difficult situations for teens. Surveys reveal teenagers feel stress from educational endeavors more than peer pressure and appearance.  

Discovering a personal path while living up to the expectations of society, family, and school is beyond what any one person should handle.  Educating the young adults in how to balance the stress and pressures of life will breed a new generation. The advances in technology have put good and bad information in the hands of kids.  Keeping up with all the information and new social media platforms is distracting teens and adults from regular day to day life. Addictions to the use of devices have become a greater concern.  The dopamine levels are elevated when a user gets a like or a new message, thus creating a rewarding feeling. The mind and body crave the euphoric feeling, and the person continues to spend time on screen.  

Stress management is not a course you can take in college.  Learning how to cope with stress is hard at times. Having role models and teachers to introduce the concept will encourage young adults to focus and relax on the right priorities.  Stress management is a practiced skill that teaches balance between pleasant times and hard work or productivity. Emotional and behavioral control is better managed with stress management skills.  Without the lessons, kids will sometimes find other outlets for stress relief. Turning to drugs and alcohol is a negative common coping mechanism. Using substances at a young age could have more risks involved.  

Teens will want to forget about the pressures from school and family.  Using drugs and alcohol relieves tension for a short time, although neglects other priorities.  Parents and teachers should watch for signs of mental health issues or substance use. Early intervention and treatment can put a young adult back on the right track for a happy and healthy life.    

Addiction and mental health concerns in young adults is a scary fact to face.  Many teens and twenties are facing a society of difficulties. Resilient House can provide treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues.  Resources are available to find the best care for you. 833-change1 (833-242-6431)