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Can You Define Success In Recovery?

Society has put a high marker on what a successful life is.  The visual of a wife, husband, kids, house, car, and great career could come to mind.  Others could think fortune and fame are where success lies. Happiness is view in various ways.  When speaking of success in recovery, the variations are also diverse. One individual could feel being sober is only needed, while another has a list of goals to accomplish.  Everyone’s journey through recovery will be different. Success in recovery will also be unique.

Addiction takes control of an individual’s life.  Thoughts of success and motivation are masked with cravings and pursuing the drug of choice.  Looking within and analyzing personal needs and wants is foreign to the newly sober addict. During treatment, the individual will face the awkward part of recovery.  First by asking themselves what is needed and then what they want.

The Basics

The basic needs can be addressed first to ease into the more difficult questions.  The human body and mind connection will surprise the addict at first. The body gives us cues as to what is needed.  Feelings of hunger and tiredness where previously distracted by highs and lows of addiction. The addict probably forgot what a good workout and routine meant to the body.  Self-care basics can support a successful recovery by building a routine.

The Desires

In treatment, the addict doesn’t know what they want out of life.  The person in recovery is only trying to live one day at a time. Desires for today can be simple until success is better understood.  Long-term goals can be broken down into smaller step by step procedures. When the addict is aware of some aspects of desires, such as a safe living environment, researching housing could be a small step.  Physical appearance is an example of a long-term goal. The small step would be making progress in a workout routine. Building better relationships is a common desire in recovery. Finding sober friends will begin creating new friendships to build on.

Larger goals can be addressed after the momentum of success is achieved.  The person in recovery should understand success is an ongoing process. Happiness and reaching goals is a continuous project which leads to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  The accomplishment is a success in itself.

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