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Can Recovery be Simple?

Getting through the difficult times of treatment and recovery can be set aside and dealt with at appropriate times.  Personal sessions with a therapist or group therapy are positive ways of tackling the past and strong emotions. Breaking down the steps of recovery can be simple.  Setting aside time for the important basics will help an addict find balance among the chaos of life. Instead of allowing the hard parts of recovery rule the roost, the individual will have a more relaxed recovery when separating the difficult times with the more simple activities.

Recognizing what is difficult for the individual to handle on their own will begin the separation of hard stuff from the basics.  Put the difficult subjects on hold until support is available. No one has to fight addiction alone. Ask for help when needed and allow others to support when needed.

The basics of recovery are not limited to self-care, meetings, therapy, and health.  Although, the categories are important for everyone. Trying to be perfect in all aspects will do more harm than good.  The person in recovery should consider taking one day at a time, one step at a time. Finding one habit which was ignored more than others and simply focusing on improvement will simplify the task.  For example, if eating habits were difficult before treatment, planning out meals and scheduling times to eat would start a healthy routine. Once the individual is more comfortable with the healthy habit, the next phase can begin.

Preparation for developing healthy activities can take more time than expected.  Stressing about the schedule is not suggested, though. A good recommendation would be to write down what accomplishments should be in focus, for each day.  Value the importance of priority. When someone is fresh out of treatment, planning too many activities in one day could overwhelm them and cause stress. Stress can lead to relapse.

The addict should remember to keep coping skills on hand.  Simple activities can distract the individual from stress and cravings.  An easy coloring book or painting set can be handy. Carrying a journal around can enable the person in recovery to jot down any thoughts or feelings.  Putting the words on paper will relieve the pressure of the racing thoughts, even just for the moment. Journaling is a good way to keep a record of what stresses the addict and how to avoid repetition.

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