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Can I Get Sober on My Own?

Breaking the chains of addiction is a process that doesn’t end after detox. Many men and women struggling with addiction are under the impression that if they can only get through the detoxification process, they will be able to stay sober. Physical dependence, however, is only one aspect of the disease of addiction. Recovery is a journey of healing that relies on the support of others if it is to be successful.

Addiction is a three-fold disease that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be treated if one wishes to achieve long-lasting sobriety. Without external support, we may be able to address a small fraction of our addiction problem, but will ultimately fail in our attempts to stay sober. The first danger is the detoxification process, which should be done under medical supervision and in a supportive environment. Detox can be incredibly discomforting, but treatment facilities offer ways to make the process as comfortable as possible. Certain addictions, like alcohol and benzodiazepines, can create lethal withdrawal symptoms that must be taken care of medically. Others, like opiates, can be so extreme that there is little change that a person won’t become overwhelmed and relapse at some point before the detoxification is over.

After detox, however, the real work begins. We must engage in a program designed to support our newfound sobriety. Treatment programs generally involve a combination of methods, such as group and individual therapy, to help us develop new coping skills so that we are no longer reliant upon drugs and alcohol to fix our problems. We enter into a process of personal development and education about our disease so that we are better equipped to handle life after treatment without relapsing. We also work with staff and professionals to develop an aftercare program. This may include 12-Step fellowship meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, continuation of therapy, and the implementation of the tools we developed while in treatment. Without these tools, we are unlikely to be able to maintain our sobriety. In recovery, we must constantly me growing as individuals—without a plan or program in place, we are not addressing the mind, body, and spirit, and it is unlikely we will be able to continue on our journey of healing in recovery.

Resilient House knows what you need when it comes to quality treatment for addiction. Bringing together the best in clinical and holistic expertise, we provide a full continuum of care to ensure lasting wellness from detox to sober living. Cultivating resilience, our programs teach clients how to live clean, sober, and well. Call us today for information: 833-CHANGE1