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Can a Mother and Infant Get Addiction Treatment?

When a pregnant woman is using substances, commonly the baby will be born with an addiction.  The hard truth of the matter is both the mother and the baby have a difficult time finding care after birth.  Hospitals are only willing to go so far as to help the pair find help.  Luckily new programs are popping up everywhere.  Hospitals and care facilities are starting programs for extensive treatment after birth.  The groups are keeping mother and child together through treatment to allow the pair bonding experience, as well as addiction support.  

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Everything a mother does affects the fetus.  Taking drugs and alcohol while pregnant can result in a miscarriage, stillbirth, or severe health concerns for both the mother and child.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is from the mother consuming too much alcohol during pregnancy.  The baby can suffer brain damage and learning disabilities.  Harder substances, such as cocaine or meth, can cause early labor, smaller body size, behavioral issues, increased heart rate, organ development issues, and addiction.  The pair will need extra help and treatment through the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and post health-related care.  


Many factors of treatment have to be assessed to provide the mother and child with the right treatment.  Life subjects also need to be considered.  Treatment should include group therapy, individual therapy, detox, and addiction treatment education.  For a pregnant mother, treatment will also need connection with sympathetic peers, financial support, prenatal medical care, parenting education, and a strong emotional support system.  Getting treatment set up for a mother with an addiction looks very similar to an average assessment.  Detox will require more care and specific medication to support the unborn child’s needs as well as the mom’s needs.  


Whether the child is born before, during, or after treatment will determine the length and intensity of the after-care needed.  Post-partum depression is a very real and normal reaction to giving birth.  The woman suffering from addiction and the emotional rollercoaster of giving birth should commit to continued care.  Months or years of support could be needed for the mother and infant after inpatient treatment.  The baby could be at risk for neonatal supervision, depending on the condition of health.  The mother could be in need of financial help, housing, and possible medical treatment.  Every person’s journey through recovery is different.  Finding the right support is what is best for the mother and unborn child.  

Pregnancy is scary enough.  Fighting addiction while with child can be terrifying.  Treatment of substance abuse is possible with the right care.  Resilient House can aid you in finding the right resources.  Call 833-change1 (833-242-6431) to find out more.  It’s never too late.