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Breaking Unhealthy Thought-Patterns

Our thought processes are determined be both external and internal factors. However, when we focus on our own inner happiness, we find ourselves in much less danger of being affected by the negative things that happen to us in our lives. Early recovery can be a time where depression and anxiety seem to be in control of our thoughts and actions, but by making a few adjustments, we can overcome these negative thought-patterns and begin to see the beauty in our daily lives.

Our worries may seem justifiable in the moment. We get caught up in thinking about the future or the past. Overthinking what cannot be changed in our past or what is uncertain in our future can put us into a negative mindset, leading to more negative thoughts and behaviors. Health Psychologist Dawn Buse, in a Health article “12 Ways We Sabotage Our Mental Health”, explains the dangers of obsessive thinking: “Turning the same thoughts over and over again in your mind sends your body and brain into the stressed-out state known as fight or flight. Your breathing and heart rate quicken, and your body releases the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, all of which takes a toll on both your physical and emotional health.”

When we play into our obsessive thought-patterns, they seem to grow until we feel overwhelmed by events that are not even occurring to us in the moment. Our past regrets and future fears begin to assert control over us, not allowing any sense of peace. One of the greatest tools at our disposal to overcome these negative thought-patterns is awareness. When we fully put our minds into what is happening in the moment, negative thoughts disappear and we begin to relax.

Osho, famed guru and spiritual teacher, elaborates on the link between relaxation and practicing awareness: “As you relax, you will be surprised that a certain awareness is arising in you. They are inseparable. But to start from awareness is easier, to start with relaxation is a little difficult, because even the effort to relax creates a certain tension.” Negative thought-patterns are very common in early recovery, but if we are able to take a moment to breathe and focus only on the present, we are in much less danger of falling prey to harmful obsessive thinking.

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