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Attraction and Healthy Relationships

Chemistry and attraction can overlook vital components of a healthy relationship.  Two people with different emotional states could be attracted to one another.  Whether the couple will have a healthy relationship will depend on many characteristics.  For an addict in recovery, the attraction blinders could affect the healing process.  Many relationships begin with a euphoric false reality and end with a dysfunctional pair.  Heartache, depression, and relapse are a possibility.  Finding themselves and understanding how to build healthy relationships will support, instead of hinder, his or her success in recovery.  Some basic characteristics can aid the individual in preparation to have a healthy love life.  

Knowing Oneself

Treatment gives a person in recovery the tools needed to support personal growth.  The real work is being patient with oneself and developing new joys and attitudes.  Therapy and group can help the individual realize loneliness can be overcome simply by friends.  An affectionate relationship isn’t a necessity.  Building a strong sense of self will support a healthy relationship when the person is ready to venture into the dating scene.  The ability to express proper needs and wants to a partner is important.  Without great communication, a relationship will be lost in anxiety, hardship, and struggle to meet another’s needs.

Understanding Others

Codependent and manipulating characteristics will prevent an individual from understanding a partner.  Listening is the main skill of communication.  The givers and takers can offset the relationship’s balance.  Addiction affects the way a person communicates and understands others.  The drugs and alcohol begin to override valuable skills needed for communication and connections.  The brain will be triggered to focus on obtaining the drug of choice, instead of putting out positive empathy for a partner.  Treatment can aid the addict in growing healthier relationships.  Talking about feelings and appreciation will help the individual realize past actions and improve awareness of future connections.

Having Boundaries

Becoming aware of codependent or manipulating behaviors in oneself is a rude awakening.  Rebuilding a broken relationship is possible, although very difficult.  Both parties have to look within to find characteristics which help and hinder a healthy balance.  Strengthening the relationship will include having boundaries.  For example, technology can distract an individual from real life needs.  Being on the phone during couples events will make the partner feel disconnected.  The couple has to express emotions and properly communicate personal needs.  Without communication, the other party will not be able to grow to understand the needs.  Explaining boundaries for couples time and personal time can build a healthy balance.  Knowing when to say no to a partner due to personal needs will build healthy boundaries and a better understanding of one another.

You don’t have to face addiction alone.  A life can be rich and full of healthy friendships and relationships.  At Resilient House, we cultivate resilience for lasting wellness.  Get started by call 833-change1 (833-242-6431).