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5 Ways to Socialize Your Sobriety

Drinking is a social event for many people. It was for you, too, until well, it wasn’t. Once we’ve crossed the line into a substance abuse disorder, there is nothing social about what takes place when liquor crosses our lips. One of the most dangerous things for an alcoholic is to let thoughts of social drinking seep into your mind. Instead of keeping sobriety to yourself, start living your life by being proud of your choice to stay sober. It is a lifestyle, and the people that don’t like it don’t belong in your world. Below are some ways to help ease you into living sober:

  1. Own Your Choice – It’s yours, and though it’s a bit unconventional, it’s powerful and amazing. Not everyone has the strength to give up alcohol, and by doing so, you are showing your moxie. If people are uncomfortable, that’s on them, not you.
  2. Fake It ‘Til You Make It – You are more than likely going to have moments that are uncomfortable. When moments hit when you don’t know what to do with your hands, pretend like you are the most laid-back, powerful person in the room. Trust that it will get easier, and before long, you won’t even notice the absence of liquid courage.
  3. Don’t Take It Personally – No matter how someone reacts to your decision to stay sober, it’s not about you. It’s about them. Other people’s reactions to the world are projections of themselves. Your reaction to them, though, is your own.
  4. You Will Find a New Tribe – People with the same goals with pour into your life, and those who were only around because of a mutual love of alcohol or drugs, will pour out. Seek out other individuals in recovery; there are power in numbers, and you get the benefit of creating relationships with people on the same page and in your same shoes.
  5. What Feels Like a Big Deal Now, Won’t Be Later – It won’t be easy, but the changes you are about to experience will be worth it. You are on your way to your real, authentic self, and nothing is more powerful or attractive than that.

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