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5 Ways to Find Help

Mental health and addiction awareness are gaining attention across the nation.  People are beginning to understand how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, through support and treatment.  Others in society don’t know where to find the support and care needed. Facilities are full and breaking the chains of addiction alone is the hardest way to take back control.  Outpatient treatment, one on one therapy, and 12 step meetings will help strengthen the person’s support network. Continuing to find support will inspire the individual to get better.

Emergency Room

Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts, and harming themselves or others can find immediate care.  The emergency room at the local hospital could provide the individual resources and support. Asking for help will prevent dangerous outcomes and possible overdose.  

Treatment Facility

Although the waiting list can be daunting, people in need of treatment can call a center to find other groups and connections in the community.  Getting into treatment is the best way to prepare for a successful recovery. The supporting staff at a treatment facility can give the individual love and care through the recovery process.

Admit to a Friend

Confessing addiction is a problem can be terrifying.  Having someone to lean on during the process will provide comfort to the person with a substance abuse disorder.  Mental health concerns can be expressed and confided in a friend. The loved one can give guidance and emotional support to find the best actions to take.

12 step Programs

When treatment isn’t an immediate option, 12 step meetings will remind the person with an addiction how to find support.  Encouragement and success stories give the individual hope for recovery. Each step provides a new view on how a happy and healthy life should feel.  Anyone can find out where local meetings happen. All someone has to do is show up. The group will welcome them with delight and want to help.

Go to Church

Many churches have resources and network connections to provide individuals with care and support.  Even when someone just needs to talk out a problem, caring and loving people from a church organization can sit and listen.  Individuals fighting addiction will come to church groups and meetings to find hope and new spiritual paths. The unit can come together to aid the person in need.

Take action on your sobriety.  Find the right care and treatment plan individualized to you.  Call Resilient House to start building your new future! 833-change1 (833-242-6431)