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5 Life Improvements from Sobriety

The benefits, improvements, and overall satisfaction gained from getting sober are countless. For many of us, the fear of sobriety was real and kept us drinking and using, regardless of the consequences. Humans have an almost innate tendency to fear what they do not know or do not understand. For addicts and alcoholics, sobriety is a foreign concept, and until we try it, we just don’t know what we’ve been missing. Below, are some of the improvements you will begin seeing in your life IF you stay sober:

  1. People Begin to Trust You and Relationships Improve – Sobriety lets you become a good friend, son, daughter, or spouse. It may take time and patience, but you can build healthy relationships and repair those worth keeping. When you keep showing people your commitment to sobriety, they begin to trust you, depend on you, and they believe your word.
  2. Your Looks Improve – Once the toxins have cleared your body, your appearance improves. You will notice fewer wrinkles, less puffiness, dark circles begin disappearing, and blemishes clear. Plus, you’re smiling more and that makes everyone look good.
  3. You Have More Cash – Addiction is an expensive habit, and now that you have more money in your pocket, you can save it, pay-off debt, invest, or spend it on meaningful experiences. When you spend money on drugs and alcohol, there’s nothing to show for it but wreckage.
  4. You Have More Fun – Sobriety is much more fun than addiction. Addiction steals your freedom and recovery allows you to go and do anything you choose. It may not feel like it at first, but not being intoxicated feels better. Your idea of what fun is will change, and you will enjoy life more than you ever have.
  5. You Will Feel Good About Yourself – Addiction leaves most of us with little or no self-esteem, and fills us with shame. Recovery lets you walk through life with your head held high. You are a survivor, and the work you put into yourself and the growth you are experiencing is nothing short of a miracle. You will come to love the person who is looking back at you in the mirror.

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