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4 Unfounded Fears of Sobriety

Going from addiction to recovery is a big deal. It’s a life change like no other, which means there is an enormous amount of fear that we experience when we don’t know or understand what lies ahead. If you fear what lies on the other side of drugs or alcohol, chances are that you’ve got a flashing red light going off. Pay attention to your fear and take action—no matter how uncomfortable you may feel. It’s normal if any of the following fears give you pause about sobriety, but they couldn’t be further from the truth:

  1. I Will be Boring and So Will My Life – Drugs and alcohol never erase who you are deep down, they just wipe out the inhibitions to get there. Recovery is freedom and it is courage—neither of which are boring. The “party you” is still in there, but you will no longer have to use chemicals to bring it out, and you will be consistent. The highs and lows of drinking and using won’t exist, and if you and your friends feel like streaking down the beach at midnight, so be it.
  2. I Won’t Have Any Friends – This is not true. You won’t lose your true friends. The friends you will lose, are the ones who have stayed around only because of alcohol or drugs. You won’t miss these people. Other friends may take a little break from you to get comfortable with your choice, and that’s okay. People that are the real deal will seep into your life. You will have a tribe, and the friendships you will create will be like nothing before.
  3. I Will Miss Out – The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real. Our culture revolves around alcohol, and not doing drinking-centric activities will be an adjustment. When you’re not getting loaded all the time, you will find that the things you had feared you were missing out on aren’t all that great. Plus, how many of these things do you not remember in the past because you were blacked out?
  4. Life Will Never Be the Same – This is wonderfully true. Your life will be so much better, and you won’t regret sobriety. No one ever says, “Gah, I wish I had never gotten sober.” If you ever truly feel this way, it’s your choice to stay or go.

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