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Four Helpful Books About Spirituality

Exploring spirituality in recovery is a great way to strengthen our connection with our higher power and reinforce the spiritual principles of our program. The best books for enhancing our spiritual life will be the basic texts of our program, such as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, but there are others that are notRead More

Is Addiction a Choice?

There is a great amount of debate over whether addiction is truly a disease or if it is a choice. Anyone who has suffered from addiction, however, can testify that they had lost all choice in the matter. Addiction causes significant changes to the brain’s reward system resulting in compulsive behavior that nullifies any possibilityRead More

Exploring New Avenues of Spirituality

12-Step recovery fellowships are founded in the belief that sobriety can be achieved by having and maintaining a spiritual experience. The idea of a higher power and spirituality is open-ended and can be individualized to each person’s specific beliefs. It may be helpful for some to explore their spirituality through different avenues as a wayRead More

The Power of Laughter

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and recent research has proven that laughter does, in fact, have many benefits on mental and physical health. Laughter is a great way to overcome stress and anxiety, and lead to overall improvement in mood and quality of life. Research into laughter has found that it causesRead More

Coping with Change in Sobriety

Major life changes, especially negative ones, can cause us to experience high levels of stress and anxiety. We may experience the loss of a job or relationship and consider seeking a sense of relief in drug or alcohol use. These are times when we must rely on our program of recovery and spiritual connection toRead More

Finding Happiness in the Present Moment

One of the greatest roadblocks in recovery is fear. We tend to allow our fears of the future overwhelm us. We see a lifetime of sobriety as a daunting task and fear it is too much for us. However, if we are free of our fears of what may or may not occur, we areRead More

Coping with Cravings in Early sobriety

Cravings for drugs and alcohol are an inevitability in the early stages of recovery. Drug use creates major alterations to brain functioning, and as a result, we feel that we need substances just to feel normal. We once relied on substances to provide a sense of relief from our lives, and in early sobriety weRead More

What are the Mental Health Benefits of Swimming?

Swimming is an effective and versatile exercise with tremendous physical benefits. However, there are also surprising mental health benefits of swimming. Getting into the water can be a great way to improve our mood and general sense of wellbeing, and has been proven to be an effective stress relieving activity. Swimming is a great wayRead More

Setting Healthy Goals in Sobriety

In active addiction, few of us considered the future. We were so caught up in feeding our addictions that we were unable to make healthy and attainable goals for our lives. In sobriety, we are free from the constraints of addiction and are able, for the first time, to begin working toward our passions inRead More

What are the Health Benefits of Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is a versatile exercise that requires focus, strength, and endurance. The activity can provide wonderful physical benefits as well as major improvements in mental health. Rock climbing can be difficult, but the feeling of reward by overcoming the challenges presented by rock climbing is indescribable. The physical benefits of rock climbing are tremendous.Read More