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How to Grow Gratitude: 5 Tips to Cultivation

Gratitude can make or break your recovery. People who are thankful tend to cope with stress better, have more meaningful relationships, sleep better, have stronger immune systems, and have higher self-esteem, just to name a few. Gratitude keeps us grounded, and it reminds us of how fortunate we are to have found ourselves in recovery.Read More

Drinking and Drugging: 3 Deadly Combos

It is commonly known that drugs and alcohol should not be combined. However, for those of us who love both, a danger exists of which we may not be fully aware. Add in the factor of addiction, and common sense goes out the window when it comes to drinking and drugging. Notedly, people who areRead More

Grief in Recovery: 7 Self-Care Tips

Grief is part of the human condition. Whether you are in recovery from addiction or not, the experience of loss is universal. If you are in recovery, it is important to take care of yourself and your sobriety. Many of us don’t know how to cope with loss without the assistance of drugs or alcohol,Read More

5 Ways to Socialize Your Sobriety

Drinking is a social event for many people. It was for you, too, until well, it wasn’t. Once we’ve crossed the line into a substance abuse disorder, there is nothing social about what takes place when liquor crosses our lips. One of the most dangerous things for an alcoholic is to let thoughts of socialRead More

How to Building Boundaries: 7 Ways to Draw the Line in the Sand?

Addiction is notorious for tearing down and stomping on the boundaries of anyone who has been affected by the disease. Boundaries are key to healthy relationships, and so it is no surprise that many of us in recovery came here with a history of dysfunction. Setting up boundaries and sticking to them is a skillRead More

5 Simple Tips for Success in Sobriety

Tips and suggestions for how to live a long, happy life in sobriety are always welcome for those of us new to recovery. Everyone works their own sobriety differently, so find what works best for you, and go with it. Over time, you will develop your own routines, and will be sharing what has workedRead More

How to find Self-Acceptance?

Even though we live with ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is rare for any one of us to truly and fully accept who we really are at our core. One would think self-acceptance would be easy, but for addicts and alcoholics, it takes practice, patience, and time. Recovery is aboutRead More

What’s The Elusive Addiction?

When discussing alcoholism, the phrase, “Cunning, baffling, and powerful” perfectly describes the incredible force of the disease. It doesn’t happen overnight; you don’t take a drink on Tuesday and suddenly, you are addicted to whiskey on Wednesday. It sneaks its way into your life, and you don’t realize what’s really happening until it’s too late—ifRead More

5 Life Improvements from Sobriety

The benefits, improvements, and overall satisfaction gained from getting sober are countless. For many of us, the fear of sobriety was real and kept us drinking and using, regardless of the consequences. Humans have an almost innate tendency to fear what they do not know or do not understand. For addicts and alcoholics, sobriety isRead More

How to Keep Your Body in Check after Detox?

Your mind and body go through drastic changes when you make the decision to get sober. Most of us didn’t eat healthy food, exercise, or sleep well in active addiction. Once you go through alcohol or drug detox, it’s important to treat yourself well by eating nutritiously, hitting the gym, and making sure you getRead More