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Health Benefits of Traveling

One of the greatest gift of sobriety is freedom. We are no longer tether to one location and can we can travel freely. We may have not wanted to travel before because we feared the uncertainty of getting our next drug. Through sobriety, however, we are finally untethered by addiction and can finally fulfil ourRead More

Are Any Drugs Okay?

Many people seem to have trouble sparsing what is and what is not okay to take in sobriety. We attempt to avoid all mind and mood altering substances, however, we must take into account where we draw the line. For example, many people in recovery still smoke cigarettes even though nicotine is a psychoactive substance.Read More

Finding Humor in Recovery

We should never forget that addiction and alcoholism are progressive and fatal diseases. Choosing sobriety is choosing life, and to continue using drugs and alcohol will certain mean disaster or even death. However, we are human and we will inevitably find moments of humor on our journey toward long-term sobriety. Dark humor tends to beRead More

Is Sobriety Boring?

In a state of active addiction, we often lose sight of the things that used to make us happy. We vaguely remember having fun without drugs, but we don’t see a way of regaining that in sobriety. Drugs and alcohol became our only way of having fun and we fear that life will be boringRead More

Rebuilding Your Spiritual Health

When we were drinking alcohol and using drugs, we often felt a sense of disconnection from our spirituality. When we take on a program of recovery that focuses on healing our mind, body, and spirit, we can be sure that we are addressing all the necessary components of our well-being. Spiritual life does not meanRead More

How Can You Improve Your Memory?

Early sobriety can be frustrating. It takes some time for the mental fog to lift. We may notice that our memory seems to be less sharp than it was before. This is not uncommon– addiction makes significant changes to the brain that affect cognitive functioning, including memory. Fortunately, our memory will improve the longer weRead More

Spirituality Without Religion

Many newcomers to recovery programs are disheartened to hear word like “God” and “higher power” being used. It is easy to assume that these recovery programs are religious in nature. However, recovery programs, specifically 12-step recovery programs, stress the important of a “higher power of your own understanding” as a means of achieving a spiritualRead More

How Long Will It Take to Heal From Addiction?

Addiction and alcoholism cause a great amount of mental, physical, and spiritual damage. We cannot expect to be healed overnight, but choosing to detox is a good first step. After the drugs have been cleared from our systems, however, we have a long road of healing ahead of us. We may still experience uncomfortable symptoms,Read More

Dangers of Illicit Drug Contaminants

Most drugs are dangerous by themselves, but are becoming increasingly more dangerous by other chemical agents that are mixed in with them. Many substances are combined with other drugs to give the appearance of more of the drug or to potentiate the drug’s effects. Other dangerous substances are in common illicit drugs as a residueRead More

Are Any Drugs Harmless?

Many proponents of drugs like marijuana make the claim that it is harmless. So, too, do they claim that legal drugs like kratom and kava are entirely harmless. While it is true that these drugs are much less harmful than other “hard drugs” like heroin and cocaine, they still carry a variety of risks thatRead More