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What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is defined as a synthetic compound used as an anesthetic and analgesic drug and also (illicitly) as a hallucinogen. The drug was first developed in 1962 and was used as a battlefield anesthetic. However, in later years it became popular as a recreational drug due to its dissociative effects. Although ketamine is not generallyRead More

Addiction, Mental Health, and the Risk of Suicide

With the recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, suicide and mental health concerns have become major topics in the news. Many people recovering from addiction face other mental health concerns, including depression, that may contribute to thoughts of suicide. It is important to note that recovery from addiction does not mean that oneRead More

The Dangers of Stress in Recovery

Stress is difficult for anyone to cope with, and it may be life-threatening for men and women in recovery. Past drug and alcohol use was often caused, in part, by an inability to cope with stress in a healthy manner. Rather than dealing with the stress we were under, we chose to escape into aRead More

How do Opioids and Other Drugs Affect Gastrointestinal Health?

Opioids are powerful drugs that attach to receptors in the brain, spinal cord, and gastrointestinal tract. Anyone who has taken prescription or illicit opioids is familiar with the nausea, constipation, and gastrointestinal distress that can result. Opioids essentially slow down the gastrointestinal system, causing food to pass more slowly and resulting in constipation. In bothRead More

Accepting Emotional Scars from Addiction

Nearly everyone who has struggle with addiction has faced trauma. Some of our scars are physical, while others are emotional. In sobriety, we learn to accept the past rather than ignoring it, and move forward in our happy, joyous, and free lives. However, some of the emotional wounds we have suffered may linger even afterRead More

Is it Difficult to Stay Sober?

Many people are under the impression that staying sober is a daily struggle with temptation, cravings, and triggers. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Through adherence to recovery programs that stress spiritual healing and growth, it is possible to reach a point in life where cravings and temptation simply do not exist. We canRead More

The Return of Empathy in Sobriety

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. In active addiction, we lost our capacity to feel empathy. Addiction causes a person to place more importance on drugs and alcohol than relationships and other people’s feelings. We often harmed people without even recognizing the weight of our actions. Selfishness and self-centerednessRead More

What Do Drugs do to Adolescents?

Drugs and alcohol are harmful at any age but may be particularly dangerous for young people. Substance abuse can strongly affect brain development in children and teens, leading to a host of physical and psychological problems. It takes the brain about 25 years to fully develop, and drugs and alcohol can affect the brain’s abilityRead More

Alcoholism, Genetics, and Heart Failure

Genetics are capable of causing an individual to have a predisposition toward developing problems with alcoholism and addiction. Recent research into the genetics of alcoholism has found that there may also be a genetic component that causes one to be more likely to die from alcohol-related heart failure. The research shows that faulty versions ofRead More

Is Alcoholism Different for Women?

Alcohol consumption and alcoholism may affect women differently than men, according to researchers. The rate of heavy drinking among American women has been steadily increasing. The high rates of alcoholism among women may be caused by a combination of both biological and social factors. The ways in which alcohol affects women and current advertisements forRead More