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What is a Ketamine Addiction?

Ketamine is an anesthetic used on humans and animals for pain and surgery.  The drug is sold on the streets for recreational use, also. The substance can have various effects on the mind and body.  The clear liquid is called special K or Cat Valium as street names. Ketamine is known as a club drugRead More

Levels of Treatment

To understand what treatment a person will need the care team should provide a thorough investigation and diagnosis.  Depending on the body structure, drug of choice, and doses used the person in treatment will need various therapies and medications.  Every level of addiction treatment can aid a person towards recovery. Continued support during and afterRead More

How Can We Control Stress?

Everyone has to cope with stress on daily bases.  Whether or not a person handles the stress well is what determines stress management.  When a situation causes tension, an individual can decide to face the issue, or push the tension away.  Over time the tension will build and overwhelm the individual. Learning to control stressRead More

Underlying Issues

Facing addiction is a battle of change.  Changing habits, lifestyle, and relations is one of the hardest trials to overcome.  When an underlying issue is present, the individual will find the process even more challenging.  Having an underlying issue could include a dual-diagnosis or a traumatic event. Both issues will encourage the use of substancesRead More

How do we get Through a 12 Step Program?

12 step programs help newly sober addicts journey through recovery.  Although the programs do not offer treatment, support and education can enable success in recovery.  The meetings provide a safe place for people in recovery to share stories and trials of being an addict.  There is a roller coaster experience while going through the steps.Read More

Counteract the Bordom in Recovery

Inpatient treatment provides people with addiction an opportunity to learn new ways of coping with cravings and emotional hardship.  During drug and alcohol abuse, the individual will spend most of the time looking for or using the substances. After treatment, the techniques and tools can fill in the time gaps without interrupting recovery.  Stress andRead More

What Signs Tell Your Loved One is an Addict?

When a loved one is having problems and begins to act differently, others can become worried and concerned about them.  Trying to help the individual is the first reaction. Confronting the problem and asking questions can lead to confrontation.  The individual could push people away and begin to isolate themselves. The first signs of addictionRead More

Planning to Take Action in Recovery

Recovering from addiction is an extremely difficult task.  With all of life’s challenges, addiction is one of the hardest things to overcome.  People dealing with addiction have lost valuable assets in life, such as family connections, jobs, homes, self-esteem, emotional control, etc.  The list is extensive. Throughout treatment the individual can discover how to takeRead More

What are the Effects of Alcohol on the Brain?

The American society views alcohol as a socially acceptable substance.  Having a drink at an event or family gathering is common and doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Alcohol can be very hazardous with overconsumption. An individual’s body style, age, gender, and living habits will gage the toxicity level.  Common effects of excessive drinking areRead More

Supporting from the Outside

Having a loved one fight addiction puts pressure on the entire family.  Separation and isolation create gaps in relationships. Addiction continues to push people apart, until the individual decides to find help.  While the person with an addiction is in treatment, the family can also begin to heal. Some members of the family will feelRead More