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What Does Environment Have To Do With Addiction?

People with addiction have a difficult time breaking old habits.  The cravings for drugs and alcohol will have control over actions and behaviors.  The individual’s life is set on a revolving pattern of cravings, using, and emotions.  Changing habits and environment can be difficult to do alone.  Support from others gives the individual more opportunities.Read More

Embrace the Sensitivity

Drugs and alcohol alter the way the brain functions, which in turn changes the thinking pattern.  Emotions and thoughts can override any control the person had on themselves.  Once the addict becomes sober, the emotions are still high and harder to control.  Being sensitive to feelings is common post-treatment.  The individual will feel as ifRead More

What is an Alumni Program?

Finding the right facility and treatment is the first step to recovery from addiction.  After treatment, the person with a substance abuse disorder can begin to build a new life.  Falling back into old habits can cause a relapse.  The person in recovery needs continuous support from loved ones, therapists, and 12 step programs toRead More

A Few Things to Do After Treatment

Life after treatment is a little awkward.  The addict has to learn who they are, all over again.  Building a new life needs patience, focus, and positive inspirations.  Getting home, or finding housing, establishes an environment.  Aftercare, therapy, and group sessions can fill in some of the time.  Setting goals and moving forward will needRead More

How is Family Affected by Addiction?

Addiction isn’t just about the person using drugs and alcohol.  The substance abuse affects everyone in the person’s life, also.  Human connection creates a strong hold on loved ones.  The bond between family members weakens by the use of drugs and alcohol.  Some relatives and friends will try to help.  Codependency is common with addiction.Read More

Day by Day

Inspirations can come from anywhere.  Taking a few minutes each day to find positive situations will inspire day to day joy.  Having a positive mood will help a recovering addict find peace and purpose in life.  “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” is a quote from Annie Dillard.Read More

The Trap of Materialism

We find an entire new life in sobriety. Suddenly we are able to hold down a job or advance in our career, and find that we no longer have a fear of economic insecurity. We may want to treat ourselves to a few nice things, but we have to maintain an awareness of our propensityRead More

What Benefits Does Being Mindful Provide?

The fast pace culture of today makes life difficult.  Stress, anxiety, and depression can sneak in at any moment.  The chaos of day to day life distracts someone from the happiness which is all around.  Addiction sometimes begins with the stress of normal daily activities.  A person under pressure will want to forget their problemsRead More

5 Tips to Improve Your Meditation Practice

Meditation can be a lifesaver in early sobriety. We take a moment to wash away the external stressors of our life and examine ourselves and the world through awareness and introspection. It can be difficult to get into the habit of building a daily meditation practice, but the benefits it provides in recovery can beRead More

What Does Success in Recovery Mean?

Addiction is a nasty experience.  The downfall from normal to rock bottom is sometimes not realized until drastic events start happening.  Drugs and alcohol can distract a person from real life situations.  The individual can ignore broken relationships or career fails due to the substances having control of the mind.  When the person with addictionRead More