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15 Self-Care Tips for Those ‘Got the Blues’ Days

We all have those days when you just want to escape. Drugs and alcohol are out of the question, so when one of these days hits (and they will), do something for yourself even when you don’t want to (and especially when you don’t want to). It can really help to find things you enjoy, and that take your mind away from the endless chatter. The following is a compilation of suggestions that other people in recovery do to take care of and distract themselves when the going gets tough:

  1. Get out and feel the sunshine on your skin.
  2. Paint or draw – Nurture your creative side.
  3. Dance and sing around your house – Dancing releases the feel-good chemicals of exercise and helps battle depression.
  4. Put together a jigsaw puzzle, do a crossword or a sudoku puzzle.
  5. Watch reality shows and color – Sometimes, watching other people’s lives helps you stop thinking about your own.
  6. Take pictures of nature – Getting outside and connecting with Mother Nature helps make what we think are big problems, feel a little smaller.
  7. Help others or volunteer – Being of service to others can do wonders for your spirit.
  8. Knit or crochet – Keeps your hands busy and your mind at task.
  9. Go for a little drive – Again, getting out (see the theme?) of the house and into the world helps change your perception of what’s going on around you.
  10. Play video games – Focusing on shooting arrows at a water tower is a mindless way of escaping a hard day.
  11. Binge watch your favorite series – Sometimes, this guilty pleasure is just what we need.
  12. Read books or magazines – Plus, you may learn something in the process.
  13. Get lost in music – Listening to music can be therapeutic and soothing. Try putting together a new playlist for your library.
  14. Listen to an audiobook or podcast – Your local library will have audiobooks for rent, and there is a plethora of online listening for whatever your heart desires.
  15. Walk, hike, or run – Get out and work out! Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and spirit. It’s something you won’t regret, and you will be proud of yourself for following through.

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