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Why Does Spirituality Matter in Recovery?

Newcomers to recovery meetings may be disheartened to hear words like “God” and “Higher Power.” These words may initially give the impression that recovery requires religious belief. There is no focus on religion in recovery, but there is a focus on spirituality, spiritual awakening, and living life by spiritual principles. Spirituality is a need thatRead More

Treating Pain Without Medication

Many people who develop opioid addiction begin with the use of prescribed pain-relieving medications. A vast majority of patients taking prescribed opioids will not have any problems, but for some, prescription opioid use can spiral into abuse and addiction. Those who have entered into a life of sobriety may find it helpful to seek non-pharmacologicalRead More

The Science of Self-Talk

The stories we construct about our lives and what we tell ourselves are extremely important. Researchers examining the benefits of positive self-talk have found that it can minimize feelings of stress, anxiety, and defensiveness. Conversely, if we are telling ourselves negative things, our interpretation of reality will be sullied by a negative mindset and weRead More

Can I Get Sober on My Own?

Many people want to achieve sobriety but are wary about asking for help or entering into a treatment setting. Many individuals recognize that their addiction has reached a point where they no longer have any power over substances, but they are unwilling or unable to ask for help. Attempting to achieve sobriety without help isRead More

Tragicomedy: Finding Humor in Recovery

It is a common concern of newcomers that entering into a recovery will program will be incredibly serious and humorless. After all, addiction is an extremely serious problem and, for many of us, recovery is the difference between life and death. Yet, among men and women in the recovery community there is a great amountRead More

Will I Be Happy Without Drugs and Alcohol?

Addiction does a strange thing to our concept of what happiness actually is. Our idea of happiness becomes inextricably tied to pleasure. Rather than finding happiness in relationships, personal fulfillment, or spiritual growth, we only feel happy when we are intoxicated. It becomes our sole motivation, and the feeling of pleasure derived from drugs andRead More

The Dangers of Lying in Recovery

The character Glaucon, in Plato’s The Republic, tells Socrates: “They say also that honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.” In terms of short-term gain, this may be true in some cases. However, in recovery we can easily see how lies, even seemingly insignificant lies, can quickly lead us down a pathRead More

Should I Avoid Friends Who Still Drink?

Being around old friends who still drink or use drugs can be a problem in early sobriety. Past drinking or using buddies can expose us to stressors that can be catalysts for cravings. Often, when we look back at these friendships, we see that the only common bond was drug use. They were not friendshipsRead More

Quitting Weed Can Change Your Life for the Better

It’s common to hear a great amount of hesitation about quitting marijuana when a person enters into treatment. After all, the general consensus seems to be that it is not addictive, not harmful, and can be quite helpful in treating certain mental and physical problems. However, marijuana does, in fact, have the potential to causeRead More

How Does Alcohol Affect the Heart?

Alcoholism is a powerful and complex disease that affects an individual’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. Research into the effects of alcoholism consistently show that it is one of the leading causes of preventable death. The heart and nearly every other organ in the body is negatively affected by high rates of alcohol consumption andRead More