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How Long Should I Stay in Treatment?

The length of time that an individual should stay in treatment varies on a case-by-case basis. Generally, treatment programs are offered from 30-90 days. However, people may stay longer if needed. Determining an adequate treatment length requires an individual to be assessed based on the nature of their addiction and history of drug use. LongerRead More

Maintaining Sobriety in Times of Crisis

Going through a crisis in sobriety can be a blow to our sense of serenity and peace of mind. We may suddenly lose gratitude and fall into self-pity, damaging our ability to navigate our days with a code of love and tolerance of others. During these times, we may feel that engaging in the suggestionsRead More

What is the Cycle of Addiction?

Addiction causes us to fall into a vicious cycle. Unless we can get help that addresses the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of our drug problem, we are likely to continue on the cycle and suffer tremendously as a result. Through a process of treatment and recovery, however, we can successfully break the cycle ofRead More

Opening Up to Suggestions in Early Sobriety

The three things we need to begin our recovery are honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. We should allow ourselves to be open-minded about taking suggestions from others who have successfully recovered. Although difficult at times, we must recognize that we do not know what is best for our recovery. Instead, we can defer to the suggestionsRead More

Can I Continue to Use Less Harmful Substances?

Many people enter into treatment believing that their problem is from one single drug. While entirely willing to stop using their drug of choice, they may be unwilling to give up all mind and mood-altering chemicals. Addiction, however, is not a substance-specific disease. If we are to overcome addiction and discover a happy, joyous, andRead More

Forming Healthy Relationships in Sobriety

As a result of our addictions, our social lives suffered. Many of the people we considered to be our friends were others in active addiction, and we may find it helpful to end those relationships or distance ourselves from them when we enter into a life of sobriety. However, the recovery community is vast. WeRead More

What Does It Mean to be Powerless Over Drugs and Alcohol?

Recognizing that you are powerless over drug and alcohol use is the first step toward successful recovery. Many people are often wary to admit that they have lost their ability to control their drinking or drug use, but coming to realize that we no longer have control and must seek help allows us to beRead More

Leaving Behind Drinking/Using Buddies

“Stick with the winners” is a common phrase heard in the rooms of recovery meetings. Making changes to our social life can improve our ability to maintain our sobriety. Keeping friendships with people who are actively using drugs, however, can have the opposite effect and bring us closer toward relapse. We will reach a pointRead More

How Does Drug Abuse Affect the Brain?

Drug abuse causes major changes in the brain, leading to physical and mental health problems. The brain is a complex organ directly affected by substances that we put into our bodies. Overtime, the changes in our brain caused by drugs can create tolerance, physical dependence, and a variety of behavioral and mental health changes. ContinuedRead More

Tips for Getting Through Detox

Going through a process of detoxification can be a harrowing experience. When we stop using drugs, we face a host of uncomfortable symptoms. If we don’t allow our bodies to go through the entirety of the process, our pain and suffering will be for nothing. Getting through detoxification is the first step toward discovering aRead More