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What NOT to Do in Early Recovery

You may have been hearing a lot about what to do, what changes you need to make, and how to go about living your new life in recovery, but there are also some things that you should avoid. Sobriety is a life-long learning process and you will encounter bumps along the road, but you willRead More

Need to Change? 7 Habits to a New You

New recovery means you need to change your life, and not just one or two things. In order to do that, it helps to develop some habits that will set you up for success and support your recovery for the long term. Try each of these, one at a time, and keep yourself accountable byRead More

8 Quirky Ways to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue amongst alcoholics and drug addicts. In fact, a lot of us used drugs and alcohol to self-medicate ourselves until that didn’t work anymore, and we found ourselves in recovery. Most anxiety medications are highly addictive, so we have to find other things to help calm our nervesRead More

The Plight of the Hidden Addict

Not so long ago, the stereotypical image of an addict was one who lived in a dark back alley, drinking from a paper bag and shooting himself up with something he cooked in a spoon. Society certainly didn’t connect the likes of a suburban soccer mom or an honor roll student to being drug-addicted membersRead More

Recovery for Introverts

There are many types of people on this planet; some people are extroverted and outgoing and some are introverted and prefer keeping to themselves. A lot of people are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. For people new to sobriety, it can be overwhelming when you are thrown back into the general population andRead More

Let Us Love You Until You Can Love Yourself

If you are new in recovery, chances are that your self-esteem isn’t as high as it could be. Most of us come into the rooms of AA, NA, SMART Recovery, etc., battered, broken, and beaten down from addiction. The idea of loving oneself seems foreign to the newly sober. Low self-esteem and even going soRead More

It Will Never Happen to Me (and Other “Yets”)

The “yets” are the oft-talked about future consequences of addiction that just haven’t happened…yet. Everyone has yets; people who have the disease of addiction have more consequential yets than those who don’t. Human beings tend to have an innate sense from early on that negative events won’t happen to us as individuals. We have fears,Read More

I GET to…

Life is full of inconvenience and hassle. It is also full of joy, creativity, and spontaneity. Addiction isn’t full of any of these things—not even inconvenience or hassle. It is full of much worse. Inconvenience and hassle would be welcome compared to jail, car accidents, fights, and court appearances. In addiction, you can forget experiencingRead More