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Cultivating Resilience For Lasting Wellness

Highest quality behavior health and addictions specialists come together with spiritual guides and holisitic experts to help you heal.


At Resilient House, our goal is to cultivate resilience for lasting wellness.

We understand the toll addiction can take on your mind, body and spirit and we are ready to address all the aspects of substance dependency to bring you to a state of wholeness that supports long-term sobriety. Whether you are looking for a safe, supervised detoxification process, a residential program or any treatment model in between, our programs are designed to meet our clients’ needs where they presently are. Allow us to accompany you on your recovery journey and provide you with the professional treatment and emotional support necessary for your success.

It’s time to live.



Who We Are

Resilient House is an addiction treatment facility in Louisiana that brings a new approach to the recovery journey.

While we understand the complexities of addiction and the many consequences it can have on you and the family and friends closest to you, we are focused on introducing a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle that will sustain you throughout treatment and far into the future. Through gender-specific programs that offer individual and group therapy as well as a host of additional treatment modalities, we prepare our clients for a life that is rich and full without the chains of addiction to hold them back. Even after your treatment is completed, we offer ongoing support to ensure you have all the tools you need to equip you for a long and successful recovery process.

What we do
Resilient House offers a full continuum of care that includes the following programs:


Before you can begin the treatment process in earnest, your body must eliminate the toxins from the body that resulted from ongoing substance abuse. This process is known as detoxification or detox, and it varies considerably depending on the substance that was used. In some cases, detox can be physically uncomfortable and even dangerous, requiring medical supervision to ensure the process is both safe and successful. At Resilient House, we begin our residential program with medically-supervised detox when appropriate, to ensure all our clients have a safe and positive start to their treatment process.

Residential Treatment

A stable living environment free from alcohol, drugs and significant stress factors is one of the most vital aspects of recovery. Resilient House’s residential treatment program includes high-class facilities and experienced professionals to provide intensive and complete recovery. Our residential program includes medically-supported detoxification, maintenance care, individual therapies, counseling (including family therapy), and plans to help clients build life skills that will help them after discharge.

Partial Hospitalization

Our Resilient House PHP offers several unique therapies and programs that allow truly customized substance abuse treatment tailored for each client’s needs. Clients find that these treatment services aid in the recovery process and allow them to focus on what is most important, getting better. We have a fully experienced medical staff to provide any medical services our guests may need. After a day of treatment, guests are encouraged to participate in physical activities at our gym and fitness facility, yoga studio or enjoy the nature trails intermixed by the serenity of the natural pond before they return to their living facilities.

These activities further aid in the transition into normal, healthy lives. We encourage our guests to meet other former guests of RH in the community by accompanying them to outside 12-step meetings. This makes the transition from treatment to society much smoother when they are discharged from their treatment program. And of course, all Resilient clients become a part of the Resilient family nationwide, with members from across the country, all who have undergone substance abuse treatment and stay connected through our alumni program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a support and treatment program for addiction. It does not involve detoxification or intensive residential services and provides our clients a degree of independence to pursue personal commitments while receiving treatment. Because of its outpatient aspect, the IOP enables clients in recovery to remain involved in work, family life and social events. The flexibility of the program allows them to begin rebuilding their lives throughout the treatment process while remaining involved in their communities.

Alumni Support

Our Alumni Program is our pride and joy where we have taken testimonials and created podcasts from others who have been through the addiction treatment program and come out to live free and resilient. Living one day at a time with continued support from staff and like-minded individuals in their own communities.

We will maintain a strong connection with our alumni as they are the forefront of true success of our organization. As the saying goes “we get better together”. And only by that motto are we able to avoid relapse. We believe in sharing accountability of self through the recovery process. Maintained by the connections that our Resilient community has created and fostering the bond between our team and our graduates. This is key to progressing through the hardships of life that embark on the outside of these physical walls.

Follow through is key and we aim to maintain that by not only having fun activities of fellowship throughout the year such as Founder’s Day, Easter Energy, Southern BBQ, and Resilience River Ride to name a few but also using social media to have Face-to-Face interactions during times of impulsive decisions that may creep into our daily lives; prompting Relapse. We believe in Resilience overcoming Relapse and that is our main goal with the Alumni Program at Resilient House.

Who We Treat

Resilient House offers an Adult Program for Men and Women.

These programs ensure a safe location where clients can relate to staff and other clients in similar walks of life and learn to rebuild their relationships and roles within their communities. Our programs provide the perfect way to rebuild your confidence and therapeutic relationships without judgment.

Pristine Setting,
Tranquil Retreat

Our 50,000-square foot facility located in Shreveport features miles of pristine walking trails with the opportunity to enjoy other outdoor activities in the temperate southern climate. We also feature an indoor gym with yoga and other choices that support the healing of your mind, body and spirit. The convenient location and breathtaking setting provide our clients a tranquil environment where they can safely explore issues and trauma that may have contributed to the onset of the addiction and work toward a full life of recovery and long-term sobriety.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with an addiction, you know all too well how this disorder can wreak havoc in the life of the individual as well as family and friends. Get the help you need today by calling Resilient House at 833-change1 (833-242-6431).